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Sam Oeun Bo was baptized with his family at that initial O-Khmom outreach service. The next day he and his family returned to their home in Prey Tom. His enthusiasm for this life-changing message of forgiveness was infectious. By the time Chiv and his team made their way to this out-of-the-way village, a large crowd approached them demanding Chiv to also tell them this story of Jesus.


80 People Baptized In One Day at Prey Tom

preytom2Chiv and his team patiently answered all of their questions. Then he invited those who wanted to follow this Jesus, to commit to him in the sacrament of baptism. Some 80 people were baptized that day.

Looking Ahead

Since the founding of this jungle church in 2011, Sopak Hat and Sam Oeun have helped to oversee this vibrant little congregation that now meets in an open-air worship building. The leaders are deeply engaged and involved in discipling the members. Won’t you be a part of this?


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