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An invitation to a workshop led to the reviving of an out-of-use church.


New Leadership Leads to New Life

A church was established in Chomlongromangler in the past, but due to many people moving away, the church was inactive. Ban Ho invited people from the surrounding area to a workshop in O’Khmom. Hem Sorn attended the workshop and was challenged by Chiv to open the doors of the church and begin sharing the gospel. A year later Chiv visited again and found a strong body of believers under Sorn’s leadership.

Beautiful Location, Beautiful People

Chomlongromangler has natural beauty and cultivated gardens at the leader’s house next door. Church members have lovingly decorated the church inside with colorful fabrics and children’s art. Many youth are involved and 8 youth were baptized recently in a nearby river.

Children are Important

Cambodia has a very young population and the many children truly hold the keys to Cambodia’s future. Sorn Sophoung and his wife, who has trained with Child Evangelism Fellowship, work with the children in this important ministry in Chomlongromangler.

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