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A family-established church comes under the leadership of HfC 


A Good Reputation in the Community

Heart for Cambodia recently welcomed a new congregation. A Christian family moved to a new home and wanted to establish a church. They began with lay leadership. A South Korean ministry provided a building for the fledgling congregation. Eventually the founder of the church was ready to retire, and a young man named Se Tha stepped into leadership.

The church holds community-wide events celebrating Christmas, Easter and other Christian holidays, demonstrating God’s love to their neighbors and telling the story of Jesus. Harmony in the church has been noticed by community officials.

Mentorship from Knarosey’s Leader

The church is located about 10 kilometers from Knarosey church. Mony Touch, the leader at Knarosey, mentored the new leader, assisted by an associate from O-Khmom, Pov Roth. Se Tha attends classes at the seminary in Phnom Penh.


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