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Heart for Cambodia has successfully planted seven churches in some of Cambodia’s most remote villages with a goal of helping them become self-sustaining. Bringing leadership training and gospel encouragement to these new believers continues to be a chief focus of Chiv and his team. To learn more about these growing congregations click on the map above.


Clean Water in a Weary Land

Clean water is in short supply in the rural villages of Cambodia. So, in addition to satisfying the spiritual thirst of this world-weary people, Chiv and Heart for Cambodia have sought to help improve infrastructure for these new Christians.

One of the first humanitarian projects of Heart for Cambodia was the construction of a new well on the property Chiv purchased for his sister. This first well was funded by Chiv’s home church in Carrollton, Texas––First United Methodist of Carrollton. The church’s youth group helped raise funds and the well was soon completed. Appropriately the youth group dedicated this important bit of infrastructure to Chiv’s friend and mentor Pastor Jeff Dietz. Pastor Jeff had accompanied Chiv on his first trip back to Cambodia.

Meeting Physical Needs as Well as Spiritual Ones

Heart for Cambodia is still busy addressing the spiritual and material needs of the Khmer people. We are building church buildings, digging wells, purchasing additional land, educating church leaders and providing for the widows and orphans of rural Cambodia. If you would like to help fund these vital needs contact us today.

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