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When Chiv shared the Christian message of forgiveness on his first trip to O-Khmom, a couple of families from the neighboring village of Kun Domrey were in attendance. They returned to their homes and shared the gospel with their friends and neighbors. Soon, a church was formed.

A Buddhist Monk discovers Jesus in Kun Domrey

Chiv and his missionary team visited this village deep in the jungles of Cambodia the only way they could–– on motorcycles. The roads to the village are impassable and the terrain is challenging but the hearts there were tender. After preaching the gospel of Jesus in this tiny village many made professions of faith and were baptized. Koem Hak Seng, a former Buddhist monk, was among those who came to faith. Upon hearing this message of a God who took on human flesh and embraced human weakness, Koem wanted to tell others. Although his Buddhist family rejected the message he shared with them, Koem’s faith has not wavered. He has become a light in darkness, setting up large speakers in the trees of his home to broadcast Christian teaching and music to passersby.

Looking Ahead

Since the establishment of this growing congregation in 2010, the Lord has been faithful. Koem is continuing to share the gospel and grow in his knowledge of the Word of God. The congregation has grown to be a loving fellowship. Their current challenge is that they have outgrown their worship building. Won’t you join Chiv and Koem as they reach this jungle village for Jesus?

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