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Svay Cheat is the village that Chiv’s family originally came from. It holds a special place in his heart. On his first trip there he gathered with villagers in their homes and shared the message of the dying and resurrected Christ.


Svay Cheat Hears the Message of the One True God

The message was strange to their ears. The people of Svay Cheat came back at Chiv with hard questions. Chiv’s anointed answers spoke in depth of the one true God who has made and redeemed us. He told those gathered around that those hand-carved idols that adorned their homes had ears that could not hear and mouths that could not speak. But, he continued, the one true God had spoken to us in Jesus. After his long list of questions had been answered, the ringleader of the group fell silent and placed his trust in the triune God. Many of the others did as well.

A God without Rivals

Chiv has made it clear that the God of the Bible is a jealous God who has no desire to be slotted into the Hindu pantheon. Buddha and Jesus cannot commingle. By giving your life to Jesus, you are turning your back on the other ancient traditions of Cambodia.

Looking Ahead

This is the message that continues to be preached by the church’s current leadership: Horn Hean and Kong Senan. Since the founding of this congregation in 2010, the Lord is continuing to touch lives. In addition to sharing the message of the gospel, these men are planning ways to impact the sustainability of this rugged, jungle village. Won’t you be a part of what God is doing in Svay Cheat?

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